Mysterious East

Chinese Opera Mask
A reader noted that the US embassy in Beijing has looked into the rumors about the Sujiatun facility and found no hard evidence of wrongdoing.  The Falun Gong had been claiming that they were kept there for their organs.  On my part, I do hope that it was little more than a would-be plot for a B-grade movie.

One wonders how such horror stories are investigated, what it takes to get a good study going, and just how much caution about conclusions is appropriate.  Its not as though the investigation details are always fully open to the public at the pertinent time.  Besides, throughout our known history, when a minority population group is despised, the ensuing possibilities can sometimes be too terrible to contemplate.  The Jewish persecution (from the age of the earliest Pharaonic dynasties to Mengele), the African slave trade, Rwanda 1994. The Inquisition-- how I'd love to browse the Vatican archives. The 1950's McCarthy hearings.  Then there's the recent Saddam/Iraq "over-reporting"/misinformation (?disinformation) fiasco that cost certain agencies a lot of trust & credibility.  Hmm.  What will history uncover about that strange business?

Kinda depressing how consistently these persecutions have turned up over time.  Part of the human condition?  Homo sapiens of Kingdom Animalia.

Don't mind me.  I question, therefore I am.  Still, here's hoping that the reader's info signals the true end of that issue.  Thanks for your comment.

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