Why they leave...?

Ah, this job.  What difference would it have made if I'd taken on that university position instead of coming home after training?  Professionally, I mean...as the personal costs would have been too high to contemplate.

Apart from the obvious financial advantages, that PhD would be in my pocket by now.  Research grants medical school work...yummy.  Rare patient calls on my mobile, and none of those pesky text messages clogging up the gadget's memory every single day.  (Why do they think you can make informed decisions via text?)  Free weekends, for sure, and some version of El Nido to escape to.  A treat-as-you-see-fit ethic, with much less of the bargaining / budget straining that the lack of adequate insurance mandates.  Doctors would be compelled to ask multidisciplinary opinions by the high level of patient information.  Surgeons would compete according to the level of operative skills instead of competing with medical oncologists for patients.  Fixed fees for medical oncologists, with no direct sales of drugs to patients.

Ahh...the contravida there would largely be government regulation, and this blog would be venting personal ire against it.

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