A Medical Career

A talk on Medicine as a Career was recently requested.  Feeling stumped by my own thoughts, I begged off.  One always wants to ask WHY? when a young person plans for a life in this job.  Too many times, I'm made to feel old by their frank response.  A talk from someone like myself may scare them away.

Its not that the personal costs are too high in Medicine.  Careers are like all other things in life– best when in moderation.  The Greek concept of hubris applies.

Wondering if what doctors do seems difficult to most outsiders…  I thought I had a pretty good idea of this life as a student but, as it turns out, its a role assumed like most others- adult status, married life, parenthood.  After years of training, experience, & discipline, the most complex clinical situations take on the properties of a time-delimited puzzle, a "best fit" challenge to a prepared mind.

One simply does what one has to do, and the modifier is how well we do it.

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