Choosing an Oncologist in the Philippines - Part 2

Part 1--> here.

Which type/s of oncologist/s do you need?  Now, you may be a Mensa member but this area is a matter of information, not IQ.  Further, if you’re a take-charge CEO with a bundle of money, take care not to drown in it.
  • A trained surgical oncologist?  Exceedingly rare.  Its not the same as “cancer surgeon”, you know.
  • A gynecologic oncologist?  Yes, they do exist as a superspecialty to treat malignancies of the female reproductive tract.
  • A marrow transplant specialist?  Oh my.  Count them on the fingers of one hand.
  • A sarcoma pathologist?  Ditto.
  • Many other instances apply, I’m afraid.
Best thing to do– go to a big cancer center.  Ask for a multidisciplinary meeting.  Don’t see a single specialist alone– lay your case before The Team.
  • Seek a second opinion.
  • Can parts of the treatment plan be executed at another hospital?  Many of the docs cover smaller/cheaper institutions.  Major cancer centers can also refer you to a gamut of networked specialists, from provincial areas to large first world institutions.  Your options would be greatly expanded.
  • “…but this is my budget.”  The Team will discuss current standards of care, ie, “best”/ideal treatment.  Frequently, there are alternatives that would not sacrifice outcome significantly.
  • “Do you have ongoing clinical trials for me?”  You don’t pay to go on a trial.  The investigational medication is usually provided by the pharmaceutical companies.  
Pitfalls next.

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