Its a Business (too)

Had a discussion with The Kid on the appropriateness of business courses in a medical school curriculum.

Does it make sense?  In a word, “YES!”  You’ve gotta learn to talk the talk, especially by mid-career.  Part of The Job is dealing with administration and, even if you aren’t any smarter 15 years into your practice, you will be called upon to give your “sage advice”. 

On a more personal level, if only I’d had similar exposure before my mind was caught up in a highly technical specialty, then I wouldn’t be at the mercy of account managers, insurance brokers, & real estate pros.  As someone trained to consider & research each case management decision, who is frequently cast in the role of a take-control resource person & “expert”, I suspect that I delegate too much to the Money People. 

A disaster waiting to happen?  Maybe.  After all, to “Death and taxes’, add the inevitability of “Decline”.

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Really nice post. I LOVE IT.
Posted by Noah Berkowitz at December 6, 2011, 9:32 am

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