Lovely Bones

If you ever wondered what an experienced physician is thinking while examining your breasts, these pictures provide some hints.

EIZO, a Japan-based designer-manufacturer of professional display equipment, came out with a truly memorable calendar for 2010 through its European arm. I don’t know that their models were aware that this was to be their most revealing assignment, but there they were, in classic Playboy poses, wearing such flawless bones.  Which reminded me...

The first time that I’d had a notably attractive person in my office, we had literally bumped into each other in the elevator just a few minutes before, without knowing that we were destined to meet. After the shock of recognition on my part & some cursory apologies, I did the predictable thing and looked… hard, just like the rest of the folks in the elevator (which had become eerily quiet).  Walking a bit to the side of this surreal being in the corridor, I was busily in awe of long eyelashes and the perfect nose, thinking “Such killer abs!"  Then we both turned into my clinic. I had to quickly abandon furtive assessment for an overt clinical stance– “Did I miss something? What could be wrong with this one?”  

In such a reflexive manner is general fitness, a purposeful walk, and a fabulously toned behind transformed into mere clues to overall performance status in the continuing challenge presented by each patient. I don’t know if its dehumanizing, but each person across the clinic table intially presents a dominant agenda in the form of a challenge. A puzzle! Like the crosswords of The New York Times, they can then elicit excitement only in direct proportion to degree of difficulty and complexity of solution.

I can still spot great gluteals in the elevator, though.